Cycletune is Portland’s center for Rapid Bike tuning

Why Rapid Bike?

Rapid Bike is a Euro-focused dyno tuning system for both street and race bikes that retains and controls OEM O2 sensors, which is not possible with other systems.


What’s the deal with O2 sensor control?

Most fuel-injection tuning systems will compete with your bike’s ECU computer over control of lower throttle position and RPM combinations, or the “closed loop” area (blue shaded area) of the fuel map.

This means that using other systems to solve a snatchy throttle response or maximize out-of-corner power is useless.

If you are going to tune, tune the entire fuel system!

Why tune at all?

  • Simply put, DYNO TUNING maximizes the output of your motorcycle while improving throttle response and making it overall more fun to ride.

  • If you have aftermarket accessories, like specialized exhaust and air filters, you need to dyno tune.

What bikes can use Rapid Bike?

Most Euro-made fuel-injected bikes work with Rapid Bike:

Rapid Bike cchecker png.png
  • BMW

  • KTM

  • Triumph

  • Husqvarna

  • Aprilia

  • Moto Guzzi

Why Cycletune?

  • We are located in the heart of Southeast Portland, just off Powell and Ross Island

  • We have the latest and most advanced Rapid Bike equipment and training

  • Our expert technicians are Rapid Bike certified

  • We are Portland’s motorcycle performance and service experts, and can help you with all aspects of your ride

Cycletune Rapid Bike Services:

  • Accurate and complete baseline fuel injection and ignition mapping

  • Rapid Bike equipment sales, setup and service

  • Comparison of tuning and performance products

  • Identification of performance and operating faults

  • Detailed power, torque and air/fuel ratio readings

  • Milage and efficiency optimization

Rapid Bike Tuning – therapy for your Euro!

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