Dyno tuning 

The  Dynojet Model 250i computerized load control dyno with air/fuel module and tuning link is the most advanced technology available today to tune fuel injected or carbureted motorcycles.  Cycletune's certified and state of the art dynamometer facility includes an enclosed tuning chamber to ensure a constant supply of fresh, uncontaminated air.  This is critical to maintaining an accurate exhaust sample which ensures the most efficient tuning possible.


  • Fuel injection and carburetor tuning

  • Accurate and complete fuel injection and ignition mapping

  • ECU flash and tuning

  • Carburetor adjustments and modifications

  • Load control diagnostics - allows complete control of RPM and speed at any throttle position to simulate accurate riding analysis

  • Fault finding of fuel and electrical systems

  • Comparison of tuning and performance products

  • Identification of performance and operating faults

  • Detailed power, torque and air/fuel ratio readings

  • Accurate set up of quick shifters and gear position indicators

  • Milage and efficiency testing

  • New bike engine break in

  • Durability testing

Our services have been developed to provide you with a vast range of options when investing in or experiencing running issues with your machine. We are here to offer you cost effective support and advice and are available for all types of motorcycles, including competition, road, touring and custom.

Dyno Tuning – therapy for your motorcycle, feel the difference!