Dyno tuning 

Cycletune is Portland’s center for motorcycle dyno testing and tuning

Why dyno tune?

Motorcycles are designed to turn dinosaurs into fun. How that happens is getting more complicated every year. Modern bikes are designed to make power while meeting increasingly strict emissions standards. Manufacturers are pretty good at that, but there is a lot of room for improvement.

Simply put, DYNO TUNING maximizes the output of your motorcycle while improving throttle response and making it overall more fun to ride.

When should I dyno tune?

Rolling off the factory floor, motorcycles are tuned to balance power and efficiency, and often sacrifice ride-ability (fun) to do so. To get our bike running as the engineers intended, it is typical to modify the bike’s systems to meet personal needs.

When you modify your motorcycle’s engine, exhaust, or intake, fueling requirements will change. Simple things like swapping to a slip-on to installing a K&N air filter can make a big difference to stock fuel systems. Untuned motorcycle systems cannot compensate for these modification on their own, and you will risk loss of performance, or even engine damage.

With proper fueling and ignition timing done through the dyno process, you can get your motorcycle running the way you want.

What kinds of bikes should be dyno tuned?

Nearly all fuel injected and carbureted motorcycles can benefit from dyno tuning. You do not need to be a racer to have more fun on a properly tuned bike. Give us a call if you have any questions!

What about my Harley Davidsons?

You absolutely should dyno tune your Harley. We recommend using DynoJet’s Power Vision system. Contact us for details!

Why Cycletune?

  • We offer customized motorcycle tuning solutions, customized for your specific needs

  • We are located in the heart of Southeast Portland, just off Powell and Ross Island

  • We have the latest and most advanced DynoJet and Rapid Bike equipment and training

  • Our expert technicians are DynoJet and Rapid Bike certified

  • We are Portland’s motorcycle performance experts, and can help you with all aspects of your ride


Cycletune Dyno Services:

  • Fuel injection and carburetor tuning

  • Accurate and complete fuel injection and ignition mapping

  • ECU flash and tuning

  • Carburetor adjustments and modifications

  • Load control diagnostics - allows complete control of RPM and speed at any throttle position to simulate accurate riding analysis

  • Fault finding of fuel and electrical systems

  • Comparison of tuning and performance products

  • Identification of performance and operating faults

  • Detailed power, torque and air/fuel ratio readings

  • Accurate set up of quick shifters and gear position indicators

  • Milage and efficiency testing

  • New bike engine break in

  • Durability testing

Our services have been developed to provide you with a vast range of options when investing in or experiencing running issues with your machine. We are here to offer you cost effective support and advice and are available for all types of motorcycles, including competition, road, touring and custom.

Dyno Tuning – therapy for your motorcycle, feel the difference!