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Why ECU flash?

The computers have changed everything, even motorcycles. Every fuel injected bike has an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) computer that conducts the complicated orchestra of fuel, air, and spark that makes motorcycles do what they do.

Manufacturers ship ECUs from the factory to comply with emission standards. This generally means there are compromises to meet emissions and still produce power. “Flashing” an ECU can reduce or eliminate these compromises, while still making the motorcycle running efficient and clean.

Benefits to ECU tuning:

  • Improve rideability:

    • Optimize throttle response and idle control

    • Reduce “snatchy” throttle

    • Make throttle transitions smoother

  • Increase torque and horsepower

    • Remove rev limits

    • Optimize fuel and ignition mapping at all rev ranges and gears

  • Eliminate error codes - caused by modifications like removing the O2 sensor or air intake systems

  • Bypass closed-loop restrictions - allows tuning at lower RPMs

  • Optional open-loop autotune feature - keeps bike perfectly tuned no matter fuel, altitude and conditions

  • Cost savings - no additional hardware needed!

Why Cycletune?

  • We offer customized motorcycle tuning solutions, customized for your specific needs

  • We are Portland’s motorcycle performance experts, and can help you with all aspects of your ride

  • We are located in the heart of Southeast Portland, just off Powell and Ross Island

  • We have the latest and most advanced equipment and training

Cycletune is a FTECU authorized dealer


Cycletune ECU Flashing and Dyno Tuning Services:

  • Accurate and complete baseline fuel injection and ignition mapping

  • Comparison of tuning and performance products

  • Identification of performance and operating faults

  • Detailed power, torque and air/fuel ratio readings

  • Milage and efficiency optimization

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