FLASH YOUR harley!

Cycletune is Portland’s center for Dynojet Power Vision tuning


Why flash tune?

Power Vision flash tuning maximizes the output of your Harley while improving throttle response and making it overall more fun to ride.

How is this done?

  • Removes system restrictions and improves power output and fuel economy

  • Allows ability to tune for specific bike upgrade combinations

  • No additional hardware required!

Why Cycletune?

  • We are located in the heart of Southeast Portland, just off Powell and Ross Island

  • We have the latest and most advanced DynoJet equipment and training

  • Our expert technicians are DynoJet certified

  • We are Portland’s motorcycle performance and service experts, and can help you with all aspects of your ride

Cycletune Power Vision Services:

  • Accurate and complete fuel injection and ignition mapping

  • Setup ECU computer based on bike and rider needs

  • Autotune features utilizing OEM sensors; additional Autotune devices available

  • Fault finding of fuel and electrical systems

  • Comparison of tuning and performance products

  • Identification of performance and operating faults

  • Detailed power, torque and air/fuel ratio readings

  • Milage and efficiency testing

Power Vision Tuning – therapy for your Harley!

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